Prepare the Following Things Before Installing the AC

The convenience of using AC makes many office buildings to homes use this technology. How come? The air conditioner provides comfort in the form of cold air temperatures, which cannot be found in outdoor air when in the middle of the city. Big cities that have dense buildings will make the air temperature feel hotter. While workers need a conducive atmosphere to work office air conditioning . Likewise with families that need cold temperatures to avoid dehydration.

In installing air conditioners, there are actually things that need attention. If you want to find more, you can read this article to consider anything before installing an aircon.

– Try using an AC inverter
If you have more budget, try to think about buying an AC inverter. More efficient AC inverters are used for enclosed spaces. Or, space where there is not much activity in and out of people. While the non-inverter AC is economical if the PK (PaardeKracht) calculation and temperature settings are correct. Non-inverter air conditioners are highly recommended for rooms that are often open because the compressor works the same without increasing Watts.

– Choose the type as needed
Choose the type, model, and brand according to your needs. At present, there are various types, types, and brands of air conditioners. You can ask for help from friends, relatives who have used a particular brand or ask the shop staff to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Make sure you buy products in a trusted store so that authenticity is guaranteed. Check the warranty of the item you purchased.

– Regulate electricity expenses
To save electricity, set the AC temperature always above 22 degrees, adjust the fan speed in the medium position, and wash the AC filter once a week and wash all indoor & outdoor units every six months. Check the unit every 10 months to avoid overloading which will result in too much electricity bills.

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